Kevin and LuAnn Kubik reside in Gretna, Louisiana. LuAnn is an elementary school teacher, and Kevin enjoys working in his remodeling business, Integrity Remodeling Services. In direct obedience to the Lord, they moved to Gretna 5 years ago to care for Kevin’s Uncle Rodney and his special needs due to Down’s syndrome. Rodney went to be with Jesus and stepped into glory March 14, 2008. Those years spent caring for him are cherished by Kevin and LuAnn. The Lord used their time of service and caring to teach them the meaning of true humility. He has greatly blessed them, as they now own the house in which they served. The Lord gave it to them through the family. They now enjoy living in the house where they spent many years remodeling, updating, caring for Rodney, and serving the Lord.

During the five years of its existence, New Life Again (a Christian addictions ministry) was a large part of their lives. Kevin and LuAnn had hearts for those who came seeking help and deliverance, as they had experienced many of the same strongholds as those they served. It was there they met and worked with Pastor James Wise, leader of the group. Today they enjoy a loving relationship with him and his family.

LuAnn has always enjoyed writing in various forms since childhood. Writing a book however did not become priority in her life until the Lord made it clear to her that she needed to do just that. In obedience she wrote Waiting for Kevin-Journey from Darkness to Light. During the many years “in the dark” she would tell anyone who would listen that the Lord was going to miraculously heal her husband and that she would write a book about it to help others experiencing the same problems and that it would be called, “Waiting for Kevin”.

LuAnn and Kevin have nonnegotiable priorities in their lives together: God comes first; family and friends second; and business/career third. They are members of Celebration Church in Metairie, Louisiana, where they worship and sit under the teaching of Pastor Dennis Watson.

Kevin and LuAnn have common visions for the present and the future. They seek to share their story with the world as hope and inspiration to hurting people all over the world through both distribution of Waiting for Kevin and sharing their testimonies with churches and groups everywhere. The second vision of their hearts is to fulfill their passion for filling need for fresh clean water in towns and villages all over the world where there are no acceptable supplies of water. The Lord has allowed them the great pleasure of planting two wells. Profits from Waiting for Kevin will help to plant water wells in areas where they are so badly needed. Your purchase of Waiting for Kevin will not only obtain for you a work that will delight and inspire you, but will allow you to partner with us in our vision for water wells all across the world.

The Lord made it possible for them to sponsor two water wells through the ministry of Operation Blessing International. These two experiences have been both great honor and pleasure for them. They offer these photographs so that all may share in their great joy. They have included a link on our Links Page should you seek more information about sponsoring a well with CBN World Outreach.




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