A Journey from Darkness to Light
by LuAnn Kubik

How far would you go to show your trust in God Almighty?

Would you put your happiness, marriage, home, and everything you own at risk to walk in faith? Waiting for Kevin author LuAnn Kubik did just that. She prayed a na´ve, desperate prayer and stood on God's promise. She began a journey along with her husband, Kevin, through many years of darkness and pain, experiencing situations most people only read or hear about.

LuAnn's only hope was to wait on the Lord. Waiting for Kevin is the awe-inspiring, creation story of answered prayers, a new marriage, and the incredible transformation of a 'monster,' long tormented by evil, into a new man. It is the story of miraculous, supernatural deliverance. Where men failed, God succeeded. Join LuAnn in her faith-inspiring journey through the many years she fought Waiting for Kevin.

168 pages - (paperback)

Available in Paperback, E-Book, and CD through Tate Publishing.




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