The First Well
This well, in the village Bari Tola, India, was dedicated May 25, 2007. Before this project, the only water source for the village was an open well half a kilometer away that contained contaminated water. The villagers here earn their living by laboring hard for very low wages. The literacy rate is very low, and many fall victim to disease. Their lives are so very far removed from the blessed and bountiful lives we share in this country. Yet, how many of us complain so often about so many things.

It is Kevin and LuAnn’s prayer that each time these villagers come to the well, they will be reminded of what Pastor R.S. Tiwari said at the dedication, “Jesus is a God of compassion and mercies and is the only true God who lives”.



The Second Well
This well, located in the Eastern Region of Ghana, was dedicated September 3, 2008. The site of the well is the school yard of the newly formed Vineyard Preparatory School. The well serves the approximate 150 members of the village. Please pray with us that the children and adults in this village will continue to be presented with the Gospel. Several children at the ceremony made decisions for Jesus and were prayed for in their decisions.



Book Signing
It was a very special evening in January as Kevin and LuAnn were invited to a local Barnes & Noble near their home outside of New Orleans, Louisiana for their very first Book Signing Event for Waiting for Kevin. Kevin and LuAnn were joined by many friends, family and new found fans of the book!




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